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Description of Veka 82 - ArtLine

With the SOFTLINE 82 system can be made all types of windows, including sliding in parallel. The system is complete and contains the full range of auxiliary profiles.

- 82 mm constructive depth;
- 7 interior thermal insulation chambers in case and 6 chambers in frame;
- Elegant design, with slightly rounded edges;
- Medium gasket (third row of sealing gaskets) for extra protection against draught or humidity;
- Thermal insulation coefficient: up to 0.67 W / m2K with 2 or 3 sheets of glass (meets the efficiency standard for passive houses)
- Exterior wall thickness of 3 mm - CLASS A according to the European standard SR EN 12608;
- The height of the profile combination -114-164 mm;
- Galvanized steel stiffeners according to VEKA reinforcement regulations, minimum 1.5 mm;
- Available in 50 sheets in RAL colors, in wood imitations or in metal thermo-refractive sheets and allows aluminum plating on the outside;


Functionality and areas of use

The system can be used both in the case of renovations and in the case of new constructions, including for buildings with low energy consumption or in the case of passive houses;

- Thermal insulation, soundproof and safety windows;
- Turn-tilt windows, casement windows, movable mullion windows;
- Windows with external opening.

The remarkable thermal insulation coefficient, up to Uw = 0.67 W / m2K, can be obtained depending on the type of thermal insulation glazing used. Thus, the SOFTLINE 82 system meets the default efficiency standard for passive houses.
Due to the configuration of the fold, glazing from 24 mm to 52 mm is possible, depending on the rod used.

The SOFTLINE 82 system is available in almost 50 sheets in RAL colors, in wood imitations or in metal thermo-refractive sheets, on both sides, only outside or only inside.

The system also allows aluminum plating.



Color Options

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