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Curtain walls for innovative, successful facades. High quality aluminum and glass for your construction.

A technologically advanced, modern and energy efficient facade. Obtaining an optimal thermal insulation coefficient, with different types of finishes to meet the technical and architectural requirements of a successful project.

Waterproof functions, resistant to wind loads and with protection from heat, noise and burglary, moisture. The facades are specially designed to perform the highest ergonomic functions - optimal sun heat, ventilation and natural light.

The design of current facades with profiles that have smaller and smaller visible widths for a better integration with other complementary systems - doors, shading systems, awnings, balconies, railings etc.These facades are available in different finishes and colors, for interior and exterior - matte, metallic, glossy and other textures.

Design and Innovation

These types of curtain walls can be adapted for any project depending on the required characteristics - Curtain walls are innovative facades, with multiple design and implementation possibilities.

These curtain walls are also a solution for closing systems of interior spaces or the construction of skylights - applied on steel, wood and concrete structures.

Curtain walls for innovative, successful facades. High quality aluminum and glass for your construction.

Why choose aluminum joinery for windows and doors:

Why choose aluminum? Here are a few examples:

  • Design, execution and assembly provided for large areas;
  • Aluminum joinery offers an extra elegance for your project;
  • Increased resistance over time, the rate of wear is reduced on aluminum windows and doors;
  • Perfect tightness in extreme weather conditions, water and strong wind, aluminum joinery is not subject to deformation or breakage;
  • Remarkable sound and thermal insulation, aluminum windows and aluminum doors are perfect for crowded areas;in cities, aluminum joinery also offers burglary protection;
  • Diversified range of colors - for aluminum joinery you can choose special colors, electrostatic painting, etc.

Professional and efficient
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